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June 2021

The team is pleased to announce that they are finalists for the Kent Women in Business Awards 2021! Gill is a finalist in the category 'Professional Achievement Award' for Appearances Aesthetics. The team is also a double finalist for Elite Probes®, being shortlisted for the categories of 'Entrepreneur of the Year' and 'Innovation Award'. A massive congratulations to the team - the winners will be announced in early September this year.

Smiles all around as a delivery of Elite Probes® needles arrived in the month of June. Gill is excited to continue using these pinpoint precision needles on her clients at Appearances Aesthetics, as well as being able to distribute these for other therapists to use.

Elite Probes needles delivery arrived

Gill started providing some training for her new needles with another Electrologist to explain exactly how to remove skin lesions effectively using the Elite Probes®.

Gill has a new stock of IMAGE Skincare products (anti-ageing/sun damage prevention+ products available). Please contact us on 077 0404 1777 if you would like to enquire about, or purchase any products.

An important message from IMAGE Skincare regarding their ingredients:

"Importantly, we have not made formula changes to the active ingredients, but we are now using purer blends of natural oils and aromatics extracts for scent, and all ingredient compositions are now listed to their pure substance levels as we adapt to meet the evolving global regulatory rules."


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