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With over 35 years' experience, Gillian is the proud multi-award winner for her skin treatments and excellent customer service, and is dedicated to keeping up-to-date with the industry through a vast range of training courses. See the highlights below:
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Barbicide COVID-19 

May 2020

All of our staff have now undergone and qualified with a Coronavirus Ceritification.


Dermatology for Aesthetic Practitioners

May 2020

Training course focusing on dermatology in acne, dermatitis, facial eczema, rosacea, facial pigmentation, benign skin lesions, and skin cancer.


WHO Hand Hygiene

May 2020

Record of Achievement in the World Health Organisation's standard precautions hand hygiene training course. 


The Guild COVID-19 Prevention

May 2020

The Guild's training course on COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control. 


PCDS & Dermoscopy Advanced Dermoscopy Meeting

March 2020

Certificate of Attendance to the PCDS and Dermoscopy UK Advanced Dermoscopy Meeting in London.

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WINNER Bromley Business Awards

November 2019

Gillian is the proud WINNER of the Bromley Business Award for "Innovator of the Year"!

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BMJ Live Masterclass

October 2019

Gillian received a certificate of attendance to the BMJ Live Masterclass at Olympia, London, including dermatology and personal skills development.

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RCPC Minor Surgical Skills Course

September 2019

Gillian completed the two-day RCPC Minor Surgical Skills training course in London.


Finalist Kent Women in Business


March 2019

Gillian was nominated as a finalist for the Kent women in Business Awards 2019 for "Contribution to the Community".

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