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April 2021

This month the Government eased COVID-19 guidelines from April 12th, which allowed Gillian to return to booking and completing treatments for her wonderful clients. Here is a montage of some of the treatments she completed in the first day back to work.

Here's one of our 1st happy clients!!

With the ongoing developments of Gillian's new line of Elite Probes ®, this month she was featured in two magazines: The Probe Magazine by the BIAE and The Guild News.

The articles explain how Gillian visited the manufacturer and developed the new needles for skin lesion removals, which she specialises in.

In addition, Gillian is very close to completing her Level 5 VTCT (ITEC) Certificate in Advanced Blemish Removal.

We also reached a 1000 views within one week of posting a picture of Gillian in her clinic, on Google My Business. Isn't it brilliant!


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