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The Glogau Wrinkle Scale measures the severity of wrinkles and photo aging. Photo aging is the premature aging of the skin, which is usually caused by too much exposure to ultraviolet rays. This classification system helps practitioners pick the most appropriate procedures for treatment.

Type 1

Classification: Mild

Typical age: 28-35

Description: No wrinkles

Skin characteristics: Early photo aging E.g. mild pigment changes, minimal wrinkles, no keratosis


Type 2

Classification: Moderate

Typical age: 35-50

Description: Wrinkles in motion

Skin Characteristics: Early to moderate photo aging E.g. early brown spots visible, parallel smile lines begin to appear, keratosis palpable but not visible


Type 3

Classification: Advanced

Typical age: 50-65

Description: Wrinkles at rest

Skin characteristics: Advanced photo aging E.g. obvious discoloration, visible capillaries, visible keratosis


Type 4

Classification: Severe 

Typical age: 60+

Description: Only wrinkles

Skin characteristics: Severe photo aging E.g. yellow/grey skin colour, wrinkles throughout

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