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September 2018

Gillian is proud and excited to be attending the Advanced Medical Nurses Training course on Minor Surgical Skills.

At the end of the course and with referral to the supporting course notes/learning materials delegates should be able to:

Identify and justify minor surgery in the GP/clinical setting

Describe the medico-legal issues regarding minor surgery proceduresIdentify and discuss suitable equipment for minor surgery procedures

Recognise and diagnose commonly encountered benign lesions

Recognise suspicious malignant and premalignant lesions requiring referral

Demonstrate safe practice of joint injections/cryotherapy and procedures typically undertaken in the GP/clinical setting

Recognise and manage adverse events and complications.

The course covers: Skin Anatomy and physiology

Wound Healing

Lesion Identification

Skin CancerTreatment options including curettage cautery diathermy shave/ellipse excision punch biopsy and surgery

Skin preparation

Local anaesthesia


Suturing Technique

Cyst removalLipomasIngrown toenails/abscess removal

HistologyMedico-legal requirements

Adverse events and complications

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