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What are red veins?

These are small red lines, or dilated capillaries, found on the cheeks and around the nose. They can also be seen on the legs, usually on the inside of knees and on thighs.

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Can red veins be removed?


Yes – advanced electrolysis can be used to remove red veins.


How does the treatment work?


At Appearances Aesthetics, we offer advanced electrolysis to treat red veins. This is a heat treatment where a probe is inserted into the capillary and a current is applied which dries and destroys the visible capillaries.

I have visible blue veins, can these be removed?

Blue veins cannot be successfully treated through electrolysis as generally, the blue coloured veins are larger and deeper than the small red ‘thread veins’. However, often when the red veins are treated the blue ones look less obvious. 


Does red vein removal hurt?

Advanced electrolysis is relatively painless, though some people may feel mild discomfort.

We recommend you apply a topical anaesthetic cream thickly, covered with a plaster one hour prior to the treatment to minimise discomfort during the treatment. Such creams are available from any chemist or pharmacy, such as Emla or Amitop.


Are there any side effects from the treatment?


There is no recovery time as such from advanced electrolysis; you can return to work and normal activities immediately after a treatment.

However, the face will be reddened and even slightly swollen on the day of treatment. After the treatment, you may develop a slight redness and scabbing in the area, however this will heal after a few days. It is important not to scratch the scabs off, or you will risk leaving scarring.

Capillaries treated on the legs will have a great deal more scabbing and may even look like cat scratches for a couple of weeks as healing takes place. This is because they are usually larger than facial capillaries.

You may wish to consider these healing times when planning your treatment  if you do not wish to attend social events them before post-treatment healing has completed.


Is there any danger of infection?

Any instrument used in contact with the skin is disposed of after each use. This is especially important with the needle and the needle holder. All areas are sterilised, at least twice, with a specialised skin and instrument disinfectant.

How do I book an appointment?


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