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What is mesotherapy?


Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment which treats ageing skin and the rejuvenation of the face, hands and neck in order to give a youthful look.


How does mesotherapy work?


Mesotherapy treatments are a series of small injections, which deliver vitamins, minerals, medicine and amino acids into the middle layer of your skin. Healing or corrective treatment is delivered to the area where it will make the most impact.

The average number of treatments range from 6 to 10 depending on your skin. We will be happy to have a consultation to discuss how your mesotherapy treatment will work, and give you an estimation of how many treatments you’ll need.

See below to watch a video of the process:


Does mesotherapy hurt?


The treatment is nearly painless and no general anaesthesia is necessary.

We recommend you apply a topical anaesthetic cream thickly, covered with a plaster one hour prior to the treatment to minimise discomfort during the treatment. Such creams are available from any chemist or pharmacy, such as Emla or Amitop.


Is there any danger of infection?


Any instrument used in contact with the skin is disposed of after each use. This is especially important with the needle and the needle holder. All areas are sterilised, at least twice, with a specialised skin and instrument disinfectant.

Visit our YouTube Channel for more videos of the procedure we have to offer at Appearances Aesthetics:

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